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With cybercrime and digital threats reaching unprecedented levels, businesses large and small are facing increasingly complex cyber security threats on a daily basis. That’s why you need the best and most advanced network security services as part of your daily management of IT services.


To ensure that your organisation has optimal protection against cyber threats, contact Proximitum. We work hard to protect your business and reduce risk of damage caused by attempted attacks.

What is Cyber Security?

Network security refers to prevention techniques used to protect the integrity of networks, programs, and data from unauthorised access or attacks. To put into perspective the growing need for cybersecurity services, consider the Gartner study conducted in 2018.


It revealed that by 2022, the global network security market is expected to reach more than £150 billion. This rapid market growth is driven by many new technology initiatives. These include workloads that require security beyond traditional data centres, cloud applications, and strict data protection requirements.

Why You Need Cybersecurity Services

Essentially, cyber security services involve protecting information and systems from cyber threats, such as a potential data breach. Cyber-attack ​​threats come in many forms, including application attacks, phishing, malware, ransomware, and exploit kits.


Due to recent technological advancements, new opportunities for network security have opened up. Unfortunately, attackers have also benefited from these advancements. By using automation, attackers can launch a wide range of attacks at a significantly reduced cost.


In addition, the economics of cybercrime make complex attacks easy to implement and can be used by a variety of motivated attackers. Fortunately, machine learning and general threat intelligence can help organisations move forward and stay one step ahead of complex threats. Some of the most effective attacks that hackers utilise include:



Ransomware is the main target of the criminal business model, installing malware on devices and storing valuable data, files, or information as ransom. Ransomware has low entry barriers and high-income potential, making it the biggest threat facing businesses today.


Malicious Cryptocurrency Mining

If an attacker finds a way to inject JavaScript into a website so that they can use the computing power of the website visitor’s device to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, a browser-based cryptocurrency mining attack is possible. The entire user device is taken over, and their CPU is used for higher-level currency mining.


DNS Tunnelling

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a protocol that converts user-friendly URLs into machine-readable IP addresses. Cybercriminals know that DNS is widespread, trustworthy, and often undetectable. Therefore, DNS tunnelling is used as a protocol to carry malware and other data through a client-server model.

How Proximitum Can Help

Proximitum employees adopt next-gen, cutting-edge cyber security strategies, leveraging the same advanced cyber security services that protect the government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and the military.


We strive to provide services to small and large businesses or organisations at a price that fits their budget. What’s more, cybersecurity is fully integrated with our services at an affordable price, including full protection for your most sensitive systems.


We first gauge whether you are a cyber security risk by performing penetration testing. This technique allows us to evaluate your security by safely exploiting your system’s vulnerabilities. Cyber risks come in various forms, so it’s up to us to determine whether you are in a position where you could be attacked.


We then take the appropriate steps to improve your organisation’s security. We work directly with you to develop a satisfactory solution to ensure optimal organisational safety.


We work with customers to make their networks and environments transparent. We also monitor content on all networks, endpoints, and cloud applications. Our technicians proactively provide threats, anomalies, detection, and identification of security breach remediation index.


It is essential to implement complex and strategic cybersecurity strategies for your technology. With this, you can rely on us for tracking, detection, and response.


Our team of skilled network security analysts will continuously monitor your network for threats and vulnerabilities. And if there is a detection, you can trust that we will respond promptly and accordingly.


We will work closely with your team to define the remediation process and ensure that the threat is addressed immediately, whether during operating hours or after hours. If you’re ready to improve your cybersecurity stance, call Proximitum today.

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