Expert Cloud Backup Services for Businesses

Your business relies on many systems to function. From the cloud to your Wi-Fi, there are countless pieces that make up your infrastructure. As a small business owner, you know how important it is to protect yourself. As such, you need to know the importance of cloud backup for small businesses and how to secure one.


Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get started or need more advanced protection, this guide is here to help you.

Expert Cloud Backup Services for Businesses

As an Microsoft 365 customer, Cloud Backup is an essential feature you can’t afford to be without. Let Proximitum help fortify your small business today.


Why Choose Microsoft 365 and Cloud Backup?


Cloud backup is a relatively inexpensive way to safeguard your business. In fact, there are many businesses that don’t have the funds for an expensive backup system. Cloud backups come in different packages, and you can choose one to meet your needs.


Smaller businesses benefit greatly from cloud backup because it provides them with a secure and affordable option for protecting their data and systems.


When you store your files and data on the cloud, you likely feel confident that if anything happens to your computer, those files will always be safe. But did you know that data loss can and does happen in the cloud?


In fact, a staggering 32% of businesses are affected by data loss. Moreover, as much as 71% of data loss is the direct result of malicious attacks. And when data loss occurs, it can devastate a business. According to studies conducted by Kaspersky Labs, small businesses pay an average of £90,000 in damages and repairs when data breaches occur.


So, how can you avoid the potential risks of data loss and malicious deletions? Even with Microsoft 365, the prevention of such data loss isn’t natively protected against. But with the addition of cloud backup, you can ensure the safety, prevention, and protection of your small business’s sensitive data.

Essential Tools for Your Small Business


Together, Microsoft 365 and Cloud Backup provide the essential fortification of your company’s data. Thanks to these tools, your small business will be prepared when disaster strikes. Recovery is crucial in data loss scenarios. With it, you can restore your files and get back up and running with minimal downtime.


Unlimited Backup: With Cloud Backup, you get up to six backups per day. Even better, there are no caps on data, no overages, and no data retention.


Rapid Search: This feature lets you find specific data in a matter of seconds. It’s fast, easy to use, and features robust search tools.


One-Click Restore: Once you locate the data you need, a single click instantly restores what was lost. Not only that, but it restores the data in its original location, so there’s no need to spend valuable time searching through your system.

Is Cloud Backup Right for Your Small Business?

As an Microsoft 365 customer, Cloud Backup is a must-have add-on for your small business. All of your Microsoft 365 data will benefit from complete backup coverage. You also get unlimited storage for your data backups, and the security is robust.

Setting up Cloud Backup with Microsoft 365 is a breeze. And once it’s installed and set up, the management of your business’s data is both user-friendly and intuitive. Powered by Microsoft’s Azure, Cloud Backup is a comprehensive solution that ensures the safety and protection of your company’s data.

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