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Firewall Security Service in Chessington

Proximitum is your source for safe and effective cybersecurity. Please call us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your business’s security needs.


Effective, Affordable Firewall Security Service

Cybercrime is on the rise all across the world. While there are dozens of different types of cybercrime most rely on breaking through your company’s network defences. Sometimes the point is to steal data, sometimes it’s to encrypt data and demand a ransom, sometimes hackers just enjoy wreaking havoc with a system, seemingly for the fun of it. The defence against such attacks begins with your firewall, and to that end Proximitum offers a cutting edge firewall security service for businesses and organisations large and small.

Why You Need Our Firewall Security Service

Almost every adult by now has heard the term "firewall". They might know it has something to do with computer security, like checking passwords, but that's about as far as their knowledge goes. Firewalls, however, are more than just a way to prevent unauthorised individuals from reading other people's emails. They are the moat around your IT infrastructure, the sentry standing guard at that place where your servers connect to cyberspace. Without robust firewall protection, most businesses would quickly succumb to a multitude of cyberattacks.

The Changing Nature of the Firewall 

It wasn’t that long ago that it was relatively easy to build a digital moat around a company’s IT infrastructure. Most of a company’s important data was stored in-house in that freezing cold room with all the computers that most staff members never entered. Those days, however, have long since passed.


In recent years more and more companies have moved their data to the cloud, with an increasingly complex web of devices accessing that data 24 hours a day from scores of wi-fi and land-based access points. To say that this has complicated the work of the firewall would be a gross understatement.


Today you need a firewall security service on your side that is able to effectively take control of the situation and secure your infrastructure, while at the same time continuing to enable free and easy access to authorised users.


Proximitum Firewall Security enables you to enforce uniform security policies across all platforms in all locations, aggregate traffic from a multitude of sources, and have insight into and control over all company networks 24/7/365.

Contact Proximitum

Don’t wait until your IT infrastructure has been breached by hackers to update your firewall protection. Proximitum Firewall Services enable you to quickly and effectively bring your digital defences up to contemporary standards and keep malicious players at bay.

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