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IT Support Croydon

Proximitum provides personalised IT support in Croydon and the surrounding areas. Call today if you are interested in improving your company’s IT systems.


IT Support Croydon

Because businesses are becoming more dependent on technology, IT support staff are highly in demand. Cloud computing has made it easier than ever for businesses to access business software and services anywhere.


Proximitum believes that hiring an IT support team for your business is smart. Our specialised professionals are in high demand, and this is expected to continue. This is due to the growing use of technology in business and the development of the digital economy. Feel free to call us today to book a consultation for our Croydon IT support services.

IT Support Is a Must in the Modern Era

IT is an integral part of managing a business. No business can succeed without the right tools and systems to help them be productive. Employers get access to their skills when they hire employees. Employees who are frustrated with the tools they use will be less productive.


It’s becoming more important than ever that you have the right IT support. It’s crucial to have someone to turn to if someone can’t set up their tools or pick up their phone.

Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Needs

We offer many IT services to Croydon. We offer hardware maintenance as one of our services. We can come to your place and repair any problems you might have with your computer. If you are looking to change to an operating system, we can help.


We can also install and remove viruses and spyware. Our technicians are available 24/7 and can respond quickly to all calls.


Private Cloud Solutions

Embrace the power of cloud computing with our bespoke Dedicated Server Packages. Hosted in our state-of-the-art data centre, these packages offer a secure, reliable solution to data storage, eliminating the need for costly hardware and maintenance on your part.

Every package is customised to meet your specific business needs and includes system monitoring, advanced security measures and easy data access and recovery, all backed by a no-downtime guarantee. Trust Proximitum with your data storage, archives, and recovery, and focus on what truly matters—running your business.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring gives businesses the ability to offer a second line of defence in case their computers are attacked with viruses or other malicious software. Inadequate protection is the most common reason for security breaches.


Businesses can suffer financial loss or insecurity. Remote monitoring is a great way for your IT systems and networks to function at their best. Utilising our remote monitoring capabilities, Proximitum empowers businesses with a robust second line of defence against online threats.


Viruses, malware, and other forms of malicious software can bypass even the most fortified security measures, leading to significant financial loss and damaging data integrity. Recognising that inadequate protection is the leading cause of security breaches, we provide vigilant remote monitoring to pre-emptively identify and neutralise these threats.


Remote monitoring is not only a fantastic strategy for bolstering your security measures, but it also optimises your IT systems and networks. This constant vigilance ensures that your infrastructure performs at peak efficiency, avoiding preventable hiccups that can affect your business operations.

Cybersecurity Services

At Proximitum, we understand the crucial role that robust cybersecurity plays in the success of any business. With a growing number of threats, you need a dedicated partner that prioritises the safety of your digital operations.


We encourage you to schedule a consultation with us, where we can discuss and evaluate your business’s unique security needs and design a comprehensive, customised solution that maximises protection while minimising risk.

Software Services

Our software services are available to help your business. You might be looking to upgrade or switch to another type of software. Proximitum is able to assist you with software updates and troubleshooting. Whether you’re exploring options for a software upgrade or contemplating a switch to a different program entirely, Proximitum’s software services are designed to streamline these transitions.


Our tech-savvy experts are at your disposal to facilitate updates, troubleshoot glitches, and assist with user training, ensuring your team can navigate new software confidently and efficiently.

System Upgrades

Many businesses rely on their IT infrastructure to run their business operations. It is vital to make sure that your system runs smoothly. One of the most important maintenance services we offer is system upgrades. For many businesses, the IT infrastructure serves as the backbone of day-to-day operations. Ensuring its seamless operation is, therefore, of paramount importance.


Among the most crucial services we provide is system upgrades—a preventive measure that enhances performance, ensures compatibility with new applications, and fortifies your system’s security. At Proximitum, we appreciate that an outdated system can be a significant hindrance to productivity and, as such, prioritise keeping your system current and optimised for your specific business needs.

Call Proximitum for a Consultation

For all your IT needs, contact the experts at Proximitum. Our technicians work closely with you to determine the best solution for your business. Let’s discuss your requirements and work together to fortify and improve your systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider hiring an IT support team?

With businesses increasingly relying on technology, having a dedicated IT support team ensures seamless operation, rapid troubleshooting, and system security. An effective IT support team can also increase overall productivity by addressing technical issues promptly.


What kind of IT services does Proximitum offer in Croydon?

We offer a wide range of services, including hardware maintenance, software updates, cybersecurity solutions, system upgrades, remote monitoring, and private cloud solutions, to name a few.


What are the benefits of Proximitum’s Private Cloud Solutions?

Our bespoke Dedicated Server Packages eliminate the need for costly hardware and maintenance on your part. They ensure secure data storage, system monitoring, advanced security, and a no-downtime guarantee.


How does remote monitoring enhance my business’s security?

Remote monitoring offers a secondary line of defence against online threats. It proactively identifies potential risks, ensuring that your IT systems and networks function optimally and are protected against threats.


How can Proximitum assist with software services?

Whether you’re looking to update existing software, switch to a new program, or need troubleshooting support, our experts can facilitate these transitions, ensuring your team can confidently and efficiently use the software.


Why are system upgrades important?

System upgrades enhance performance, ensure compatibility with newer applications, and bolster security. An outdated system can hinder productivity, so keeping your system updated is essential for smooth business operations.


How do I book a consultation with Proximitum?

Feel free to call us to book a consultation to discuss your IT support needs in Croydon. We’ll work closely with you to identify the best solutions for your business.


Do you offer tailored IT solutions?

Yes, we understand that every business has unique IT needs. Our services are customised to provide the best solution to meet your specific requirements.


Are your services suitable for all business sizes? 

Absolutely. Whether you’re a small start-up or a large corporation, our services are designed to be scalable and adaptable to fit any business size or type.


How does Proximitum stay updated with the latest in IT and cybersecurity?

Our team continuously undergoes training and professional development to stay abreast of the latest technologies, ensuring that we provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions.


Can I get a quote for the services I require?

Yes, you can reach out to us to get a personalised quote based on your business’s IT needs.

By opting for Proximitum’s IT services, businesses in Croydon and nearby areas can ensure a smooth, secure, and efficient IT infrastructure tailored to their specific requirements.

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