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IT Support Essex

Proximitum offers its personalised IT support services in Essex and beyond. If you would like to enhance your business’s IT systems, contact us today.


IT Support Essex

Choosing Proximitum for your Essex business means you’ll get professional services at a cost-effective price. We offer remote monitoring and management, system upgrades, on-site consultations, and much more—all designed to keep your systems running smoothly.

Why Choose Us?

At Proximitum, we work around your schedule. Our technicians can work during the day or at night to ensure your needs are met when you need us the most. We also offer remote monitoring and remote support for optimal hardware maintenance. This allows for minimal downtime and uninterrupted productivity. We also offer on-site consultations when our remote solutions don’t provide the answer you need. If you’re not sure if you have an issue, we would be happy to come take a look to determine the root cause of your problem.

Personalised Solutions

We offer many IT support services in Essex. One service we offer is hardware maintenance. This means that if you have a problem with your computer, we’ll come to you and fix it for you. And if you’re trying to make the switch to a different operating system, for example, we can help with that, too. We install the required operating systems and remove viruses and spyware. On top of that, our technicians are available 24/7 and will respond quickly when a call comes in.


Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring enables businesses to have a secondary line of defence in the event that their computer system is attacked by a virus or other malicious software. The majority of security breaches happen because of a lack of protection, which can lead to business losses and financial insecurity. Remote monitoring is an excellent way to keep your IT systems and networks functioning at the highest level.

Software Services

We offer a variety of software services to help your business. Maybe you need to update your existing software or switch over to a new type of software. That, as well as troubleshooting, are at your service when you work with Proximitum.

System Upgrades

As many businesses rely on their IT infrastructure to run, it is important to make sure the system is working properly. One of the most important maintenance services we offer is system upgrades. These are necessary as technology changes and new operating systems become available. This means your business will always be running with the most current hardware, which equates to a more efficient and reliable system.

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Get in touch with the experts at Proximitum today to discuss the best solution to your IT needs.

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