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IT Support Sidcup

Proximitum is dedicated to helping Sidcup businesses grow and thrive. Contact us today to discuss how our IT support services can benefit your company.


IT Support Services in Sidcup

IT support services can be found in the form of software, hardware, and even personal assistance for your computer and technology needs. Thanks to the industry experts at Proximitum, you have access to IT support services in Sidcup that will help you with all aspects of managing technology.


We can help find solutions for problems that prevent you from taking full advantage of your business’s IT systems. In addition, we offer remote access for when you need instant support. If we can’t address your issue remotely, we will send a technician to your location for on-site support.


With our comprehensive approach to IT support, businesses in Sidcup and the surrounding areas have the expert insight needed to succeed. So contact us today to start a conversation on how we can help your Sidcup company thrive.

What Is IT Support?

Information Technology (IT) services are the set of computer- and network-based services that allow businesses to manage their information technology assets. These assets include hardware, software, data, and networks.


An IT service is any service offered by one or more IT professionals to help a business use these assets. At Proximitum, our in-house technicians are here to provide the most extensive IT support solutions in Sidcup.


We understand that not all businesses have the resources to manage their IT needs on their own. That’s why we offer superior service at competitive rates. And because of these factors, we make it possible to get the support you need to help your company grow.

Proximitum IT Services


We work hard to ensure that we offer critical IT support services to meet the needs of every business. Below, you will find just a few of the effective services we provide.

Cloud Infrastructure:

At Proximitum, we possess expertise in establishing and handling cloud-based infrastructures. Our proficiency ranges from public to private cloud solutions that can enable you to harness the cloud’s potential to boost your business operations. This includes data storage, software deployment, and database management, providing you with scalable and flexible IT solutions.


Phone and VoIP Systems:

We offer installation and support for advanced phone and Voice over IP (VoIP) systems, enabling better communication and collaboration within your organisation. We can help you configure and maintain your phone systems, ensuring clear, reliable, and cost-effective communication.


Network Design: 

Our company provides a thorough network design service to guarantee that your business possesses a robust, effective, and secure network. We consider your business’s unique requirements and future growth plans to design a network that optimises performance and ensures scalability.


Disaster Recovery: 

Proximitum’s disaster recovery services help ensure your business operations can continue in the face of an unexpected event or disruption. We create custom recovery plans that ensure your data can be quickly restored and your IT systems brought back online as quickly as possible.


IT Relocation: 

If you’re moving to a new office location, we can help with all aspects of IT relocation. We can safely relocate and reinstall your IT equipment, establish network connectivity in your new place, and ensure that all your systems are functioning seamlessly.


Cyber Security:

We offer cyber security services that aim to safeguard your business against various digital threats. Our team employs up-to-date security software and practices to guarantee the protection of your systems and data. This includes antivirus software, firewalls, secure network configurations, and ongoing monitoring and threat detection.


Managed Service Desk: 

Our Managed Service Desk provides an efficient point of contact for all your IT queries and issues. Staffed by experienced professionals, the service desk delivers reactive and proactive support to minimise downtime and keep your business running smoothly. Whether it’s a hardware failure, a software glitch, or a network problem, our team is ready to help.


Microsoft 365 for Business: 

We offer comprehensive support for Microsoft 365, ensuring you get the most out of this powerful suite of productivity tools. From setup and migration to ongoing management and troubleshooting, we can help your business make the most of Microsoft 365 and its features.


MS Teams Direct Routing: 

Enhance your Microsoft Teams experience with our Direct Routing services. By connecting your existing telecommunications provider to Teams, you can use it as your complete business phone system. We can manage the setup, configuration, and ongoing support of Direct Routing, enabling seamless, efficient communication within your organisation.

Onsite Support

We can offer you specialised service that is tailored to your needs. What’s more, we will work closely with your company to make sure you get the support you require every day. We encourage you to call us to discuss how we can help your Sidcup company.

Experience You Can Trust

Proximitum’s experts are ready to assist you in growing your Sidcup business with superior IT support. Contact us today to discuss the best IT support solutions for your business. We’re happy to set up a consultation to discuss your requirements and provide a free quote.

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