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Cybersecurity Best Practices Every Business Should Implement

Given that your business data is an attractive target for cyber-criminals, IT support is a necessity. Today, we’re going to explore how IT support teams can reinforce the digital fortress around your sensitive data through a collection of cybersecurity best practices.

Revise Security Policies

Security policies are to cybersecurity what a blueprint is to architecture. And who better than your IT support to read and update those blueprints? Outdated security policies may expose your business to new forms of cyberattacks.

Your IT support team can make informed recommendations on adopting modern approaches like zero-trust architectures, ensuring a firm foundational layer for your security measures.

Strong Authentication

Did you know that access to a system is typically gained through a username and password? You might think cyber criminals exploit more complicated procedures, but that’s not the case. Thus, strengthening this entry point is one of the primary responsibilities of IT support.

They can implement multi-factor authentication using additional verification methods such as smart cards or biometrics. This ensures that only authorised individuals can access your systems.

Network Security Refresh

Network security isn’t something you set and forget. It needs regular updates and audits, especially as your workforce adopts more hybrid work models. The IT support team can evaluate the effectiveness of existing firewalls and VPN gateways to make necessary changes or upgrades. They can also adapt to the changing landscape by implementing cloud-based solutions like Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

Craft a Response Plan

Your IT support team should have a contingency plan for security breaches and other incidents. This not only includes having the right technology but also training your staff to recognise and report suspicious activities. The culture of your organisation should encourage transparency and accountability facilitated by your IT support.

Keep Learning

Cybersecurity is an ever-changing field. What was secure yesterday might not necessarily be so today. Thus, continuous education is vital. Your IT support team should be well-versed in areas like risk assessment, threat detection, and yes, even physical security, which often goes overlooked. A well-informed IT support team is your best defence against evolving cyber threats.

Employee Awareness

Don’t underestimate the power of collective intelligence. If every employee understands the basic tenets of cybersecurity, that’s a strong additional layer of defence. Your IT support can run awareness programs that move beyond the mundane slide-show presentations to something more engaging and, more importantly, effective.

Wrap Up

By staying updated and in the know, IT support professionals can safeguard your business’s most valuable assets—your data.

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