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How to Get Rid of a Virus on Your Computer

Viruses and malware are a constant threat in our digital age, and ransomware, in particular, has become a significant concern. This guide will quickly walk you through basic steps to get rid of a virus and highlight the importance of ransomware protection.

  1. Update Your System: Regularly update software to patch vulnerabilities that viruses exploit.

  2. Disconnect from the Internet: Some viruses use your Internet connection to spread or send out personal data. Disconnect to halt this activity.

  3. Boot in Safe Mode: Restart your PC and press F8 during start-up to run with only essential drivers, making it harder for viruses to function.

  4. Delete Temporary Files: Removing temporary files might eliminate some malware forms that initiate on boot up.

  5. Use Trusted Tools: Utilise Microsoft Safety Scanner and the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. If these fail, consider manual removal.

  6. Run a Comprehensive Scan: Using your antivirus software, scan to identify malicious files. Delete or quarantine any threats found.

  7. Reboot and Update: After removal, restart your PC normally and ensure all applications and the OS are updated.

  8. Change Passwords: Ensure account safety by updating passwords, even if not compromised.

While these steps help rid your computer of viruses, ransomware requires a more tailored approach. Ransomware attacks, typically launched through malicious email links or attachments, encrypt and restrict your data, demanding a ransom for its release.

Proximitum’s Approach to Ransomware Protection

Protection Through Detection: Effective ransomware prevention demands superior detection. With Proximitum, your sensitive files are backed up, ensuring optimal safety even if an attack occurs.

Fortify Your Systems: Recognising the severe consequences of ransomware attacks, Proximitum provides comprehensive protection services. Our experts identify system vulnerabilities, employ security measures, and offer continuous monitoring against ransomware and other malware forms.

Recovery From Attacks: If you’re already a ransomware victim, don’t despair or hastily pay the ransom. Proximitum’s team can potentially decrypt files without ransom payments, restore data from backups, and guide on the next steps. Trusting cybercriminals can lead to further loss or continued data captivity.

Commitment to Security: Proximitum prioritises your data’s security. With us, you can expect complete system functionality restoration and defence against future threats.

The digital world presents both vast opportunities and risks. To guard against viruses and especially ransomware, trust professionals. Proximitum stands ready to ensure your system’s safety and your peace of mind. Act now and fortify your digital world.

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