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How to Protect Your Email From Being Hacked

Email hacks are increasingly prevalent, accounting for a staggering 94% of data breaches. A single compromised account can quickly escalate into a vast data security issue. Fortuitously, guarding your email against cybercriminals need not be a herculean task. Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide to fortifying your digital fortress.

Armour Up: Regular Updates and Robust Passwords

Start by ensuring all your devices are running the latest operating system and applications. Updated software carries the latest defences against emerging threats. While you’re at it, ensure you have an active antivirus program providing an extra shield of protection.

Next, your password. It’s tempting to have one key that unlocks all doors, but it leaves you vulnerable to credential-stuffing attacks. Opt for strong, unique passwords for each online account. These passwords should be at least 10 characters long, with a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

Avoid using personal information, which can be easily obtained via a simple internet search. For the forgetful among us, password managers are a handy solution for storing these numerous keys securely.

Double Lock Your Door: Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) acts as an additional lock on your accounts. It requires you to obtain a code via text or an authenticator app during the login process. This acts as an early warning system if an unauthorised user tries to gain access to your account.

Beware the Phishing Expedition

Phishing is another common technique cybercriminals employ to trick you into providing your sensitive data. Always verify the sender’s details before clicking any links or attachments in an email. Be particularly wary of any emails urging you to reset a password or verify your address.

The War Is Never Over: Ongoing Vigilance

Despite all precautions, you might never know when your email is hacked. But by setting up a strong defence mechanism—using unique passwords, enabling 2FA, using privacy tools—you can ensure that you are always prepared for battle.

In the digital age, our email accounts have become the gateways to our personal and professional lives. A breach could mean not just loss of data but also loss of trust and potential financial damages. So arm up, stay vigilant and keep the hackers at bay.

If you’re concerned about your business’s digital security, get in touch with the experts at Proximitum. We will be happy to discuss your goals and provide a bespoke solution that meets your needs.

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