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Time flies when you are having fun...

Our Director and Technologist, Shaun Roe, celebrates 15 years at Proximitum this week! Here's what he had to say about reaching such a fantastic milestone.

“Wow! I cannot believe I have been working for Proximitum for 15 years already! The time has flown by. I suppose that comes down to the fact I genuinely love what I do. I have gained so much knowledge in that time, not just for my technical skillset, but in understanding what our customers really need and expect from our services. It means that we do not just meet those needs, but I am proud to say our teams regularly exceed those expectations too.

Many of our customers have been with us a long time, some before I even started! That really says a lot about Proximitum, and it makes me extremely proud of where we are today, great employees and great customers too!

Here’s to the next 15, although I hope that doesn’t come around quite so quickly.”

Thanks Shaun! Congratulations on your work anniversary.

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