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Ransomware Protection Services in Birmingham

Proximitum is your number one resource for trusted, effective ransomware protection.

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Expert Ransomware Protection Services


If you are a business owner in Birmingham you know how tough the past year has been. The last thing you need now is to fall victim to a ransomware attack. This type of digital hijacking has become the preferred method for cybercriminals to enrich themselves. So much so that some hacker groups are now licensing their ransomware programs to others and then taking a percentage of the ransom collected. It no longer pays to ignore this growing threat. You need the kind of effective ransomware protection services in Birmingham provided by Proximitum.

Effective Ransomware Protection Services in Birmingham

Those behind ransomware attacks prey on the unprepared. These hackers have identified a number of weaknesses in business computer systems and devised ways to break in and take over. The goal of the ransomware criminal is to hold your business hostage until you fork over the specified amount of money, typically in a hard-to-track cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.


Every day that goes by hackers are becoming more enamoured with this type of activity. Why? Because they understand that most companies are still unprepared to prevent it. The fact is that if you do not take action soon to protect yourself from ransomware attacks odds are you will fall victim to one. Our team of cybersecurity experts can help ensure that doesn’t happen, but you need to contact us in order to take advantage of our proven expertise.

No Time for Complacency


In our experience, the average business owner tends to downplay the threat of ransomware attacks thinking they only happen to huge, multi-billion pound companies. The reality is actually quite different. Statistics indicate that more than 1/3 of SMEs that depend on computer systems to conduct their business have been targeted by ransomware attacks in just the past few years.


When a ransomware attack happens to a giant corporation like AXA or Kia Motors (which it did), those companies are able to absorb the loss and move forward. But for a medium-sized business in Birmingham that was already struggling to stay afloat because of recent events, a ransomware attack can be devastating.

Why Ransomware Protection Services Are Essential


By understanding the most common attack paths used by cybercriminals, you can effectively reinforce your security posture and reduce the risk of violations.


Unfortunately, human error remains the biggest threat to organisational security. Hackers use phishing to disguise themselves in an effort to obtain fraudulent information or transmit malicious files. As such, it’s still the most common technique used by cybercriminals to launch ransomware attacks.


The good news is that through multi-factor authentication practices, specific network control measures, and employee network security training, you can significantly reduce or even prevent most ransomware attacks.

Contact Proximitum


You have worked too hard to grow and nurture your business. You have endured myriad challenges and even managed to emerge from recent lockdowns intact and poised to take advantage of the post-pandemic boom. Don’t let complacency be your downfall now. Get the ransomware protection you need today by contacting Proximitum. It may be the smartest move you make this year.

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