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Ransomware Protection Services in Kent

Proximitum is your number one resource for trusted, effective ransomware protection.

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Effective, Timely Ransomware Protection Services in Kent


In the past few years, more than 1/3 of all businesses have been hit by a ransomware attack, and that number is only going to increase. Ransomware attacks typically take 1 of 2 forms: either the data on your computer is encrypted, or a kind of digital wall is inserted that prevents you from accessing your computer or servers until you pay a ransom, usually in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Proximitum provides world-class ransomware protection services in Kent for companies and organisations of all sizes and types. 


Ransomware attacks are some of the most insidious and vexing of all cybercrimes. The people and groups behind these attacks will go after just about anyone from individuals to multinational conglomerates. The attacks seemingly come out of nowhere. You can be in the middle of an important video call with a client when suddenly your screen is taken over by an announcement that your computer is now locked and can only be unlocked by satisfying the ransom demand.

Keep Computer Kidnappers at Bay with Ransomware Protection Services in Kent

In a brazen assault on the American energy infrastructure, the hacker group "Darkside" brought the Colonial energy pipeline to a halt in May 2021. The pipeline supplies US east coast states with nearly half their petrol. The Darkside group demanded, and got, tens of millions in cryptocurrency ransom before unlocking Colonial's computers and disappearing.


Security experts say that in 2021 the average ransomware demand rose by 43% over 2020 and now stands at approximately £200,000. That may be a doable amount for a huge corporation, but for an SME it could be financially devastating. In addition, a company subjected to one of these attacks must also deal with damage to their reputation, loss of customer faith and a frightened and confused workforce.

We Stop Ransomware in Its Tracks


If you are not prepared a ransomware attack could fatally undermine your Kent business. Fortunately, that unhappy fate does not have to be yours. When you enlist the services of Proximitum our team of crack cybersecurity specialists move in, identify vulnerabilities and install defences against this type of attack before it has a chance to manifest.

Why Ransomware Protection Services Are Essential


By understanding the most common attack paths used by cybercriminals, you can effectively reinforce your security posture and reduce the risk of violations.


Unfortunately, human error remains the biggest threat to organisational security. Hackers use phishing to disguise themselves in an effort to obtain fraudulent information or transmit malicious files. As such, it’s still the most common technique used by cybercriminals to launch ransomware attacks.


The good news is that through multi-factor authentication practices, specific network control measures, and employee network security training, you can significantly reduce or even prevent most ransomware attacks.

Get in Touch with Proximitum


Don’t let the cybercriminals behind ransomware attacks undo all your years of hard work. Get in touch with the team at Proximitum today and rest easy at night knowing that our world-class cybersecurity experts are on the job, keeping your business safe from this growing threat.

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