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Cyber Safety Tips

Proximitum will help you fortify your security against any types of cyber threats with our trusted and proven protection services.

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Cyber safety tips - protect yourself against cyberattacks

How can businesses and individuals guard against cyber threats? Here are our top cyber safety tips:

  1.  Update your software and operating system: This means you benefit from the latest security patches.

  2. Use anti-virus software: Security solutions like Kaspersky Total Security will detect and removes threats. Keep your software updated for the best level of protection.

  3. Use strong passwords: Ensure your passwords are not easily guessable.

  4. Do not open email attachments from unknown senders: These could be infected with malware.

  5. Do not click on links in emails from unknown senders or unfamiliar websites: This is a common way that malware is spread.

  6. Avoid using unsecure WiFi networks in public places: Unsecure networks leave you vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks.

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