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IT Support

Proximitum is your source for safe and effective cybersecurity. Please call us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your business’s security needs.


IT Consultancy

All businesses face unique challenges when it comes to IT infrastructure and IT management. Your business may have certain requirements that need a specialised approach.

Whether it is questions on the security of user data, a custom disaster recovery plan, implementing well-designed networks or gaining an advantage from the cloud – there are often many things to consider.

This depth of knowledge needed to manage IT today is constantly expanding and it can easily be overwhelming for businesses to handle alone. The good news is that there is help available.

Proximitum is a well-respected IT consultancy business, with the head office in the South East and a regional office in the West Midlands.

Our team of experienced IT consultants and engineers have broad knowledge of various IT disciplines including IT relocation, cyber security, disaster recovery, network design, phone and VoIP systems, cloud infrastructure and much more.

No matter your requirements, we work to understand your business objectives and develop IT systems that help you achieve your goals.

Customer Services

We’re dedicated to offering world-class customer service. Our customers have easy access to the right people who are empowered to make decisions and guide customers in transforming their visions into tangible assets.

Satisfied customers are our biggest asset and they drive us to push the boundaries on innovative technology.

Remote IT Support

Our experienced Remote IT Support engineers could help you to reduce downtime following IT related complications. We provide encrypted remote technical assistance in response to both software crashes and hardware failure. If you are experiencing slower system responsivity, or if you have sustained a catastrophic system outage, we can help.

All of our remote IT support packages have unlimited remote support with a 30min response time during hours and a 2 hour response out of hours.


IT Strategy Development & Alignment

Many businesses struggle to align their technology with their overall goals. Proximitum’s IT consulting services provide an in-depth analysis of your current IT landscape, identifying strengths, weaknesses and potential areas for growth.


We collaborate with you to develop a personalised IT strategy built around your specific objectives. This tailored roadmap ensures your technology investments propel your business forward, maximising efficiency and boosting your bottom line.

Business Continuity & Risk Mitigation

Unexpected disruptions can cripple businesses. That’s why Proximitum specialises in risk assessment, identifying vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure that could lead to lost productivity or data breaches.


Our experts design comprehensive business continuity plans that address potential threats. We’ll work with you to implement reliable data back-up, offsite replication and failover strategies that minimise downtime, ensuring you can quickly get back on track when unforeseen events occur.

IT Cost Optimisation

IT expenses can quickly become overwhelming. Proximitum’s consultants scrutinise your current IT spending, uncovering wasteful practices and pinpointing areas for cost optimisation.


We’ll recommend alternative solutions, negotiate better rates with vendors and explore cloud-based services that could reduce your IT overhead. We’re committed to finding smart solutions that make the most of your IT budget without compromising on quality or performance.

Emerging Technologies & Innovation

Technology moves at lightning speed. Proximitum’s dedicated consultants keep their fingers on the pulse of the latest IT innovations. We monitor trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, automation and the Internet of Things (IoT), identifying those that could offer your business a competitive edge.


Our team will guide you through the benefits and potential applications of these technologies, ensuring you make informed decisions that drive growth.

IT Compliance & Regulations

Staying compliant with data privacy regulations, industry standards and security protocols can be a real challenge. Proximitum’s IT consultants possess expertise in the latest compliance requirements, such as GDPR and industry-specific frameworks.


We’ll assess your current systems, identify gaps and implement solutions to keep your sensitive data protected. Our guidance ensures you meet your regulatory obligations, safeguarding your business and building trust with your customers.

Staff Training and IT User Adoption

Even the best technology solutions are ineffective without proper user adoption. Proximitum recognises that your workforce is your most valuable asset. We offer tailored training programs and ongoing support to bridge knowledge gaps and ensure your employees are confident using your IT systems.


Our training covers software applications, productivity tools, security best practices and more. By upskilling your team, you’ll maximise the ROI on your IT investments and promote a culture of continuous learning.

Onsite Support

We offer a range of onsite support packages ranging from ad hoc call outs to weekly preventative maintenance solutions. We also offer options to purchase a block of call outs or for unlimited call outs and remote support we offer a more formal IT services contract.

Hardware and Software

Take the hassle out of shopping around and use our tailored hardware and software purchasing system. Proximitum have access to multiple suppliers and we can provide the best price from multiple suppliers. The relationship with suppliers can be help by Proximitum or you can also have a direct relationship with them which we will manage.

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