Proximitum's Peak Mileage Expenses Solution replaces the time-consuming task of manually logging all your journeys so expenses can be claimed.


Peak uses a 12-volt plug-in GPS tracking device and sophisticated functionality to map and create journeys that you have driven, the following day the journey information is available to the user by logging in to their secure account on the Peak Portal. Monthly claims are automatically created by Peak and all journeys related to the claim month are added to the claim by the system. The user needs to simply flag if a journey is business or private and submit the claim for approval.

Proximitum recognises the importance of privacy, Peak is a not a live tracking system, and all journey data is presented in a historical format. Any journeys flagged private are logged in the claim as a total mileage, the actual journey information is not available, whereas business journeys are available for review by the employers appointed claim approver. Peak is GDPR compliant, data is only used for the purpose it is intended, it is not used in any other applications and is not shared with any 3rd parties. As a HMRC compliant solution Peak give all businesses peace of mind when processing mileage expenses claims.

Using Peak Mileage Expenses solution provides the following benefits to your business

  • Reduces Expenses Claims

  • Saves Time

  • HMRC Compliant

  • GDPR Compliant

  • GPS Accuracy

  • Available on any device

  • Reporting Suite

  • Fully resilient service

  • Flexible Working


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