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Secure Web Gateway

Proximitum will help you fortify your security against any types of cyber threats with our trusted and proven protection services.

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A Secure Web Gateway

In recent years, with ever-increasing usage of web and applications in multi-cloud environments, web-based attacks continue to proliferate. In addition, web attacks are becoming more versatile, requiring organizations to protect their employees from advanced malware attacks, including command and control (C2), backdoors, ransomware, and more.A secure web gateway (SWG) provides a secure web experience to protect users, devices, and applications from both internal and external threats. Using one solution rather than several disparate point products offers a number of benefits, including simplified management and reduced costs, while maintaining high security posture. Fortinet SWG capabilities provide an end-to-end secure web experience with URL filtering, data loss prevention, and advanced malware protection including remote browser isolation to defend users from internet-borne threats, and to help enterprises enforce internet policy compliance.In today’s digital world, up to 70% of web traffic is encrypted, according to estimates. More importantly transport layer security (TLS) is emerging as a preference over earlier versions of secure sockets layer (SSL) protocols.The Fortinet SWG provides deep SSL inspection.

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