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Rock-Solid Cyber Security Services in Birmingham

In 2016 hackers were able to infiltrate the computer systems at Tesco Bank and make off with more than £2.6 million from over 9,000 accounts in just under 48 hours before being detected. That is just one of the recent assaults on the UK’s digital infrastructure that shines a light on the pressing need for effective cybersecurity services in Birmingham.


The world’s digital infrastructure is growing exponentially. With this exponential growth comes both unprecedented opportunity and unprecedented danger. The Tesco hack was just one example of this, but it only takes a quick internet search to uncover countless others. If you want to ensure that your Birmingham business does not fall victim to today’s increasingly sophisticated hackers talk to the professionals at Proximitum.

Ironclad Cyber Security Services in Birmingham

If yours is like most companies you rely more than ever today on your computer systems to provide communication and inventory control, to enable online sales and to protect vital customer data. Those same computer systems may also be integrated with your production processes, lighting controls, facilities security and more. All it would take is one successful hack to bring such an operation to its knees.


British insurance giant Lloyd’s estimates that last year alone cyber-attacks cost businesses worldwide more than £400 billion. That’s more than the entire economy of Norway or Hong Kong. The only way to make sure your company does not contribute to that sorry statistic is to employ rock-solid cybersecurity. The kind we provide at Proximitum.

Multifaceted Protection

Effective cybersecurity entails more than just erecting a firewall. The threats posed by hackers today are multifaceted and extremely sophisticated and require an equally multifaceted and sophisticated response.


At Proximitum, our cybersecurity experts are some of the best in the business. They are veterans of the digital battlefield and are constantly upgrading their skillsets to stay ahead of the threats posed by today's cybercriminals. They will protect you from a variety of threats including ransomware attacks, DNS tunnelling and more.


Ransomware is the main target of the criminal business model, installing malware on devices and storing valuable data, files, or information as ransom. Ransomware has low entry barriers and high-income potential, making it the biggest threat facing businesses today.


Malicious Cryptocurrency Mining

If an attacker finds a way to inject JavaScript into a website so that they can use the computing power of the website visitor’s device to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, a browser-based cryptocurrency mining attack is possible. The entire user device is taken over, and their CPU is used for higher-level currency mining.


DNS Tunnelling

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a protocol that converts user-friendly URLs into machine-readable IP addresses. Cybercriminals know that DNS is widespread, trustworthy, and often undetectable. Therefore, DNS tunnelling is used as a protocol to carry malware and other data through a client-server model.

The Threat is Real, The Time is Now

For most Birmingham business owners cybercrime probably seems like something that only happens to huge corporations. But the fact is that while hacks on companies like Facebook and Tesco receive all the press, most cybercrime is aimed at SMEs whose computer systems are typically less well protected. Don’t let complacency be the undoing of your business. Contact Proximitum today to learn more about our leading-edge cybersecurity services.

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